More Than Lovers, More Than Friends
FUTURA Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague
June 21 - Sept 11, 2016

Maxime Boidy + Pierre Paulin + Tan Lin; Kasper Bosmans + Marthe Ramm Fortun; Jan Brož + Barbora Kleinhamplova; Elaine Cameron-Weir + Carlos Reyes + Ben Schumacher; Andrew Dorsey; Sonja Engelhardt + Thom Kubli; Jason Hendrik Hansma + Vivian Sky Rehberg; Huang Xiaoli + Li Jinghu + Li Yueyang + Yang Zi + Zhang Xiyuan; K.r.m. Mooney; Parallel Practice; Augustas Serapinas; Allison Somers; Nicholas Aung Sung

Film endings selected by: Mar Garcia Albert, Monsur Ali, Fabienne Audeoud, Nathaniel Axel, Ian Balfour, Julie Béna, Phillip Birch, Pim Blokker, Dora Budor, Andrianna Campbell, Jason Charney, Adam Cruces, Cyril Duval, T De Long, Joy Episalla, Davide Fornari, Thomas Fougeirol, Louisa Gagliardi, Julia Geerlings, Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, Rodrigo Hernández, Heide Hinrichs, Yin Ho, Claudia Joskowicz, Alex Jovanovich, Chitti Kasemkitvatana, Flora Katz, Edwin Lo, George Henry Longly, Ingrid Luche, Corey McCorkle, Sébastien Mennet, Jacopo Miliani, Darius Mikšys, Alexander Nagel, Zeena Parkins, Shanta Rao, Max Razdow, Patricia Reinhart, Aude Richards, Maxime Rossi, Pepo Salazar, Amelia Saul, Yves Scherer, Maaike Schoorel, Mira Schor, Chai Siris, Jesse Stecklow, Jeanie Aprille Tang, Thaiddhi, Caecilia Tripp, Ching-Ling Wang, Claudia Weber, Zoe Williams, Margaux Williamson, Carrie Yamaoka, Yu Honglei

More Than Lovers, More Than Friends envelopes newly formed convolutions, as opposed to collaboration. Convolution as in the mathematical operation in which the combination of two sets of numbers produce a third dimensionality. As in music programming, in which the spectral profile of one sound can be put in the amplitude envelope of another.

Press release: here
Exhibition guide (pdf download)

Video works: 1) Jan Brož + Barbora Kleinhamplova, 2) Yang Zi + Zhang Xiyuan

Sound walkthroughs of the exhibition (conducted by Tom Kubli and Jo-ey Tang)

Press: Art Viewer, Daily Lazy, Footnotes on Art, This Is Tomorrow