Inside China - L'Intérieur du Géant
Palais de Tokyo, Paris

travelling exhibition, 2014-2015

Artists: Renaud Jerez, Li Gang, Edwin Lo, Nadar, Aude Pariset, Wu Hao, Yu Ji, Zhao Yao

K11 Art Foundation consulting curator: Wang Chunchen

Just as Le Géant elevated Nadar to a new field of vision, the artists in the exhibition likewise propel us to new perspectives, rushing us headlong into the unknown: from weight to levity, from mental perception to physical manifestation, from the past to the imminent hallucinatory future.

Press Release: here

Urgent Dreams of Crashing Waves: an evening of sound and video program with Lai Lon Hin, Crystal Records, Cheng Ran retrospective: here

Press: South China Morning Post, The Art Newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, This Is Tomorrow, Aesthetica Magazine, Flash Art, L'Officiel Art