Bullet Through Glass
Jo-ey Tang, Thomas Fougeirol, Harold Edgerton
Lyles & King, New York
March 25 - April 30, 2017

Bullet Through Glass.
Milk finds its form in other things.
Soy. Rice. Oat. Wheat. Almond. Hemp. Barley. Spelt. Cashew. Hazelnut. Walnut. Coconut.
Sesame. Flaxseed. Chia Seed.
Mother’s Milk.
Father’s Milk.
Curdle clear the universe.

Bullet Through Glass.
Heavier Than Air.

Bullet Through Glass.
Slow Food.
Slow photograph.

Bullet Through Glass.
Exceeds the time of thinking. Quicker.
Than I am, and so, you are,
Capable, éviter, construction.
One. While another.

Bullet Through Glass.
Consciousness of bullet.
Consciousness of glass.

Press: New York Times, reviewed by Will Heinrich

Documentation: Lyles & King,
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