Like An Intruder, The Speaker Removes His Cap, Walking In The Air With His Hands To The Ground
curated by Barbara Sirieix
PORCINO, Chert, Berlin
September 16 – November 1, 2016

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das Ganze
berührte mich sehr
weil es mich an die Romantik der 90er Jahre erinnerte,
an eine gewisse Sehnsucht

das Interessante war eben, dass
nur mit diesen wenigen
oder Stücken

the whole
touched me very much
because it reminded me of the romance of the 90s
on a kind of certain desire

and interesting was precisely that
only with these few
or pieces

Told by Patricia Reinhart, on the exhibition Like An Intruder, The Speaker Removes His Cap that took place at Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris, 2014